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May 23, 2023

500 climbers atop Mount Everest

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Mt. Everest-the roof of the world.
Mt. Everest-the roof of the world.

Every year over hundreds, sometimes thousands of mountaineers try to atop various peaks of the snow-covered mountains aiming to make a bid for the summit of the various peaks including world’s tallest peak Mt Everest.

Climbing mountains is a difficult task and a life-risk adventure delight in overcoming obstacles through physical and to develop endurance, persistence, and willpower. Allover eight-thousand meters high peaks including the Everest is a magical mountain that has magnetic qualities of attractions.

According to the Department of Tourism, this year around 500 people have successfully climbed the 8,848.86 meters high Mount Everest-the rooftop of the world in this spring season.

Total of 478 mountaineers have obtained an expedition permit to climb Mount Everest in the spring season, said the authority.

As the weather has remained favorable the scaling of the different mountains including Sagarmatha is encouraging.

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This year’s Spring climbing season started on May 13 and the Nepal’s tourism authority has also clarified that numbers of permits issued are the highest ever recorded in the expedition’s history.

This year 103 women and 376 men from 47 mountaineering teams were permitted to scale the mountain peaks.