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World’s richest man Jeff Bezos, three others reached edge of space

21 Jul 2021 FA Correspondent

The founder of Blue Origin as well as Amazon on Tuesday became the second billionaire to ride his own rocket. Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket blast off with its eclectic group of passengers on the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo Read More
‘Al Khor’ Rising To Thrill Tourists

7 Oct 2020 Abison Ranjit

An experience of a day-long tour Al Khor has lately emerged as an ideal tourist destination in Qatar, with beautiful, lush green family parks, kayaking opportunities, water sports and new road networks. It is one of the largest cities in Read More
‘Big Apple’ City-New York Never Sleeps

27 May 2020 Monica Ranjit

Since New York City is the largest city in the United States, it has earned plenty of nicknames over the years. It’s been called the "City That Never Sleeps,” the "City So Nice They Named It Twice,” and the "Empire Read More
Rwanda marching towards development

3 Apr 2020 Sharmila Thakuri

Agony, disease, poverty, hunger and illiteracy are all what I had perceived about Rwanda, before visiting the country in mid-October last year. News disseminated by almost all types of media that I had watched often showcased Rwanda was a country Read More
A Taste Of Brazil: Fish, Wine And Coffee

7 Jan 2020 FA News Desk

Critics say that the four main ingredients in Brazilian cuisine are salt, vinegar, lemon and more salt. But visitors to the capital Brasilia will soon find out that there’s more to Brazilian cooking than liberal seasoning. With thousands of kilometers Read More
Mt. Everest to Dead Sea: A marvel ties

30 Dec 2019 FA News Desk

September 4 would be second day to be remembered after June 1st in the history of Nepal and Israel. On 4 of September, weeks before, two of the world’s most famous geographical wonders -- one in Nepal and the other Read More
Seoul: City Filled With Stark Contrasts

29 Dec 2019 Sandhya Shrestha

Traveling the world has its ups and downs, highs and lows, pros and cons. Travel experience has resulted me that there are things that are more important than pleasure or happiness. Each cultural trait has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it’s Read More