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Foreign policy is very crucial in development of nation. No country can ever become self-reliable and self-sufficient. Thus, maintaining foreign policy is important. A country’s foreign affairs has been the leading forum for serious discussion of global affairs. Diplomacy is the skillful science of communication and strategic practice of in-managing negotiations between the nations through their bureaucratic channel, handling people for international relations. It is fine art for deal making, system building, peace-making through which a nation seeks to secure the goals of its interest.

Nepal’s foreign policy is guided by Panchasheel and abiding faith in the Charter of the United Nations and value of world peace. The new era in foreign policy demands skillful policy and rules to protect national resources and utilize it effectively for the achievement of national goals. Thus, the fundamental objective of Nepal’s foreign policy is to enhance the dignity of the nation by safeguarding sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence, and promoting economic wellbeing and prosperity of Nepal by contributing to global peace, harmony and security. aims to be a news portal consists of valuable resource of news and information for all diplomatic and concerned professionals around the world. The website is dedicated to disseminate accurate and balanced news and views on foreign affairs activities of Nepal and other parts of the world.

In this context, begins its voyage from the dawn of the New Year 2020 with the mission to publicize, interact and cooperate for exercise of country’s diplomacy.
We heartily welcome, would appreciate and be thankful if given information of any event happened or to be taken place including appointment, transfer within the embassy to us through call, email or using other social media. is a website dedicated to disseminate accurate balanced news and views on foreign affairs and related events happening in the world. We aim to be your valuable partner for news and information being involved in the foreign affairs job and other interesting news too. will cover a broad range of subjects, not only political or cultural, business or sports but also include wide areas of dialogue, prologue to travelogue, update of encouragement to professional development of home and around the world.

We believe that can do more to guide public by a broad hospitality. However, it does not accept responsibility for the views expressed in any article that appears in its pages.

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