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Gateway would be one of the true gateways of information about diplomatic relationships, related activities and others. It is a new way of thinking about the World Wide Web that enhances information service, global networking and user participation.

The portal provides service in Nepali & English languages to respond to key issues and strengthen the global network in a more timely way. It also provides the latest news and hot issues in Nepal, covering a variety of topics including the government’s foreign policy, business, science and technology, society, culture, travel, sports, and people.

We try hard, our best, to introduce and promote Nepal through up-to-date information on national issues and policies of the Government of Nepal with regard to international affairs. Or foreign governments’ Nepal related news and views etc.

Please note that the opinion expressed in the articles in Opinion/Travelogue represent the view of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the

Also, any comments shared by the readers represent their own opinions and thoughts. We aren’t responsible, but reserves the right to edit or remove posts or comments without notice if they are deemed to contravene Nepali law, or otherwise be discriminatory or contrary to the rules.

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