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Reconstructed Wongha Dabu (stage) inaugurated

30 Jul 2022 Foreign Affairs News Desk

Gathemangal: Fitting Relief To Farmers

26 Jul 2022 Arun Ranjit

Nepal is the land of heady mixture of unique culture proudly preserved; mind boggling adventure and remarkable natural beauty. It is a land where foreigners can revitalize their mind, body and soul amidst scenery. The peaceful coexistence of multi-religious systems Read More
Muslims celebrate Eid al Adha

10 Jul 2022 Foreign Affairs News Desk

Today July 10 is Eid al Adha which is the second most important festival after Eid al-Fitr celebrated by Muslims around the world. Joyous festival Eid al Adha is a public holiday and the occasion is celebrated for three days Read More
Award winners of 3rd HAFF announced

14 May 2022 Foreign Affairs News Correspondent

Seven winning short films and six special illustrate global health issues More than 1000 film makers from over 110 countries have submitted short films for the 3rd edition of the WHO (World Health Organization) Health for All Film Festival (HAFF), Read More
Taliban orders burqa mandatory for women

7 May 2022 Foreign Affairs News Desk

Since taking power last year, Taliban officials have ordered Afghan women to wear the burqa in public as a suggestion of morality. Even though a group of women protested saying burqa had nothing to do with Afghan culture. Taliban when Read More
Culture of Kathmandu

2 Apr 2022 Foreign Affairs News Desk

Ramadan 2022: Holy month begins

2 Apr 2022 Foreign Affairs News Desk

The first day of Ramadan 2022 begins today Saturday-April 2 which will last until May 2, 2022, followed by the Islamic festivities of Eid al Fitr. The Muslim communities around the world started observed a month long Ramadan festival. Ramadan Read More
‘No food in public areas during Ramadan’

1 Apr 2022 Foreign Affairs News Desk

Malaysian authorities have announced that Muslims who are in good health but eat and drink in public during the fasting month of Ramadan will be arrested and sentenced to either a fine or imprisonment, or both. The rule violators would Read More
SArabia expects 400,000 Umrah pilgrims during Ramadan

26 Mar 2022 Foreign Affairs News Desk

After nearly two years of gap, Saudi Arabia has lifted all restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic on foreign travelers, including mandatory vaccinations that allows for prayer and Umrah. In a major relief to Muslims across the world, Saudi Arabia Read More
April 2 will be first day of Ramadan

22 Mar 2022 Foreign Affairs News Desk

The Muslim's holy festival Ramadan will begin on April 2, 2022. On Friday, April 1, Ramadan’s crescent moon will be visible, which corresponds to the 29th of Shaban, the Islamic month. Astronomers predict that April 2 will be the first Read More