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Eating Dates during Ramadan has worth

17 Apr 2022 Abison Ranjit

Dates are the fruit of the date palm tree, which is grown in many tropical regions of the world. Dates have become quite popular in recent years. Almost all dates sold in Western countries are dried. A wrinkled skin indicates Read More
Passover Festival begins today after sundown

15 Apr 2022 Arun Ranjit

Passover 2022 begins at sundown on Friday, April 15 2022. This year, Passover 2022 will be celebrated from sundown on Friday April 15 to sundown on Saturday April 23. The first Seder will be on April 15 after nightfall, and Read More

14 Apr 2022 Sandhya Shrestha

So far Two Thousand and Seventy-Eight Years of Bikram Sambat has passed and we have entered into 2079 Bikram Sambat from TODAY-Thursday April 14, 2022. The New Year festival is celebrated at the beginning of the new year. People in Read More
Could 2022 Be Endgame For Polio?

5 Apr 2022 Nirmal Kumar Ganguly & Simba Makoni

COVID-19 restrictions brought down polio cases but impacted routine immunisation systems. Polio eradication has advanced remarkably, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The limitations on travel and movement during the pandemic contained the spread of poliovirus in endemic countries-Afghanistan and Pakistan. Even Read More
UNEA’s Role As A Governance Architect

16 Mar 2022 Dr. Jennifer Allan/ Dr. Lynn Wagner

Once called “the world’s parliament on the environment” the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) has a unique role in global environmental governance. It is high-level and universal—the only forum for stakeholders from all countries to discuss the environmental challenges we face. Read More
Empowering women must to achieve SDGs

11 Mar 2022 Malgorzata Buszko-Briggs

Across the planet, about one billion women rely on forests for their livelihoods, helping to feed their families and contribute to household income – and building specialized knowledge of the best ways to manage and use forests sustainably. As we Read More
International Women’s Day to end biasness

8 Mar 2022 Monica Ranjit

International Women's Day is a global event celebrated annually on March 8 to commemorate the cultural, political, social, economic achievements of women marking a call to action for accelerating women's equality. This Day is both a day to celebrate the achievements Read More
Passports of Japan, Singapore Rank Top

10 Feb 2022 Sandhya Shrestha

Nepal Stands at 105th Position A passport is an official travel document issued by a country’s government to its citizens for the purpose of international travel that verifies the identity and nationality of the holder that typically contain the bearer’s Read More
One-in-Ten Black People Living in U.S. Are Immigrants

24 Jan 2022 Christine Tamir/ Monica Anderson

The Black population of the United States is diverse, growing and changing. The foreign-born segment of this population has played an important role in this growth over the past four decades and is projected to continue doing so in future Read More
Empowering women leaders to strengthen peace, security policies

18 Jan 2022 Rachel Baranowski

On November 24, 2021, Colombia celebrated five years of signing the peace agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Force of Colombia (FARC), which ended 52 years of conflict between the Colombian government and FARC rebels. The peace agreement demobilized over 13,000 FARC rebels and laid out comprehensive plans to ensure lasting peace, including Read More