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The Abraham Accords: Celebrating Three Years of Regional Cooperation

15 Sep 2023 Hanan Goder

Today 15 September marks the third anniversary of the signing of the historic Abraham Accords. The accords are a very important milestone for the normalization between Middle East countries Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Morocco. The Abraham Accords Read More
Airlines Need to Rethink Pilot Training

23 May 2023 Geoffrey Thomas

The world’s airlines need to rethink pilot training if the upward trend of avoidable loss of control accidents is to be reduced according to an updated report “Airline Pilot Training – Time to Revisit the Basics” from the Flight Ops Read More
Note on India to fight climate change, improve global health

23 Feb 2023 Bill Gates

More than two decades ago, I set out to give the vast majority of my resources back to society. My goal from the beginning was to help reduce the awful inequities I saw around the world. When I started this Read More
Women as Agents of Change for Strengthening Community Resilience

29 Dec 2022 Asian Development Bank

Women and other vulnerable groups play a critical role in effectively tackling complex community issues. The knowledge and perspectives they bring frame community challenges while their unique assets, skills, and resources enhance collective community action and help yield appropriate and Read More
FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 makes football more global

18 Dec 2022 Arun Ranjit

The curtain of the 22nd edition of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will come down on Sunday night December 18, 2022 after Argentina and France play each other on December 18- Sunday’s World Cup Final at the 80,000 capacitated Lusail Read More
Happy National Day Qatar

18 Dec 2022 Arun Ranjit

Nepal-Qatar enjoy warm relations: Qatar a trust worthy partner Qatar is celebrating its 51st National Day TODAY-- December 18, 2020 as the grandest day throughout Qatar and other various parts of the world too. Qatar National Day is the day Read More
Nepal In Dire Need of True Statesman

28 Nov 2022 Arun Ranjit

Statesman or stateswoman is that person who is an experienced politician of a certain country who had a long political career and is widely known, respected at the national or international level because of his/her deliverance of everything for the Read More
COP27 summit ends with historic deals

20 Nov 2022 Abison Ranjit

Poor governance hits climate change in South Asia During the past few days Asia became the focal point of international conferences as a series of big international conferences was organized in Asia. After the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Read More
Nepal Goes To Parliamentary Polls Today

20 Nov 2022 Arun Ranjit

All Nepalese citizens eligible to vote are casting their ballots today-Sunday for the Federal Parliamentary elections with multiple parties running neck and neck amid global economic headwinds to determine which party is to be handed a fresh five-year mandate to Read More
Qatar World Cup 2022: Clock Is Ticking Down

19 Nov 2022 Arun Ranjit

FIFA cup events likely to benefit entire GCC, Qatar believes Today, the eyes of the world are on Qatar. Since Qatar won the right to host the 2022 World Cup, 12 years ago, the countdown to FIFA World Cup Qatar Read More