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6 Sep 2021 Siemon T. Wezeman /Alexandra Kuimova

Transfers of major arms to Afghanistan between 2001 and 2020 Twenty years of United States-led international military presence in Afghanistan ended on 30 August 2021, with the withdrawal of the last foreign forces. Since 2001, significant numbers of major arms Read More
Over 30 Years: Global High Blood Pressure Rates Doubled

3 Sep 2021 Korin Miller

The number of people in the world with high blood pressure doubled in the last 30 years, according to a new large-scale study. The August study, which was published in The Lancet, analyzed blood pressure measurements from more than 100 million Read More
Will Taliban’s regime in Afghanistan be accepted by world?

27 Aug 2021 Arun Ranjit

After the Vietnam War, August 15, 2021, will remain as a dark day in the history of the United states. On August 15, 2021-Sunday, the Taliban swept to power in Afghanistan after a few weeks of stunning military victories. The Read More
Social Media: A Tool For Peace Or Conflict?

22 Aug 2021 Dr. Simone Bunse

Human rights activists have used social media technology to organize peaceful protests and defend democracy for more than a decade. More recently, peacebuilders have discovered it can be a tool to understand conflict dynamics and counter extremism better. Yet the Read More
Global Airlines Look To Tap Sustainable Fuel

15 Aug 2021 Pratap John

The global airline industry has committed to cut carbon dioxide emissions in half by 2050. Besides using innovative technologies and improving operations and infrastructure, the industry has identified the usage of sustainable aviation fuel as one of the key elements Read More
Cryptocurrency and Government Regulation

28 Jul 2021 Park Han-woo

Recently, the government announced that it would consider closing cryptocurrency exchange markets, after coming up with special measures to eradicate serious cases of fraud related to virtual assets. Although a cryptocurrency is a digitized asset that cannot be recognized by Read More
Every two COVID deaths, one child loses a caregiver

24 Jul 2021 Foreign Affairs News Desk

The COVID crisis will leave many unwanted legacies. The world has been closely tracking the COVID-19 death toll, with official mortality counts now reaching over 4 million people, largely concentrated among adults. The children left behind have been practically inviable.TollOur Read More
EU Court’s headscarf ruling puts Muslim women at unfair

20 Jul 2021 Maryam H'madoun

Once again, the European Union’s highest court has enabled discriminatory practices in the workplace that predominantly target Muslim women. Returning to the question of religious dress in private employment after its controversial ruling in 2017, the EU Court on Thursday Read More
Regular aerobic exercise likely to help brain age better

19 Jul 2021 Valerie DeBenedette

Getting in your daily workout may not only keep your body healthy but your brain thriving too. New research finds that one year of regular moderate-to-vigorous aerobic exercise may be able to improve your memory and mental skills. The study Read More
ICAO’s decision on Qatar’s airspace: A significant shift

15 Jul 2021 Alex Macheras

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), a United Nations special agency for aviation has, in its most recent meeting, formally agreed for Qatar to establish a new, expanded airspace area, known as a Doha ‘FIR’, for the first time in Read More