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Can New Visa Systems Drive A Gulf Recovery?

14 Oct 2021 Oxford Business Group

Amid an attempt to drive a post-coronavirus economic rebound, a number of countries in the Gulf have introduced new immigration measures to help attract skilled foreign workers. One of the major players on this front has been the United Arab Read More
Men’s Perceptions on a Woman’s Appearance

13 Oct 2021 Andy G.

Many women assume that males are primarily drawn to women because of their attractiveness. You’re not entirely wrong about that either — we men just like to look. Beautiful women are and will continue to be what men want. But, exactly, what is this Read More
Is Kirsty Bertarelli, ex-wife of America’s Cup boss, world’s most eligible woman?

8 Oct 2021 Helena Frith Powell

As Kirsty Bertarelli – newly crowned Britain's most eligible divorcee – surveys the £400 million settlement that marks the end of her 21-year-long marriage to Swiss businessman and America's Cup boss Ernesto Bertarelli, one could be forgiven for wondering what Read More
Qatari Food Festival: Good Time To Socialize

2 Oct 2021 Arun Ranjit

COUNTDOWN: 417 Days to Go for World Cup 2022 in Qatar On Your Mark……Get Set…….. Eight Stadiums in Qatar where the World Cup 2022 to be played. It’s almost 3 PM on Saturday–October 1st, the premises of Chandragiri Hills Resorts Read More
Safe abortion fundamental rights of women

28 Sep 2021 Sandhya Shrestha

International Safe Abortion Day being marked Today-28 September is International Safe Abortion Day. The day was first celebrated as a day of action for decriminalization of abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean in 1990 by the Campaña 28 Septiembre. In Read More
US encircling China on multiple new Cold War fronts

25 Sep 2021 Bertil Lintner

The Indo-Pacific’s Cold War is heating up as the region splits ever more decisively into opposed camps with a loose alliance of US-led democratic powers on one side and authoritarian China and its aligned satellites on the other. And the Read More
In Journalism ‘Off The Record’ Means…..

21 Sep 2021 Foreign Affairs News Desk

“Off the record.” It’s a well-known journalism phrase. So well known, in fact, that even those outside the business are familiar with it. But what does it actually mean? The common belief among many is that when a source tells Read More
Independent Resource On Global Peace, Security

6 Sep 2021 Siemon T. Wezeman /Alexandra Kuimova

Transfers of major arms to Afghanistan between 2001 and 2020 Twenty years of United States-led international military presence in Afghanistan ended on 30 August 2021, with the withdrawal of the last foreign forces. Since 2001, significant numbers of major arms Read More
Over 30 Years: Global High Blood Pressure Rates Doubled

3 Sep 2021 Korin Miller

The number of people in the world with high blood pressure doubled in the last 30 years, according to a new large-scale study. The August study, which was published in The Lancet, analyzed blood pressure measurements from more than 100 million Read More
Will Taliban’s regime in Afghanistan be accepted by world?

27 Aug 2021 Arun Ranjit

After the Vietnam War, August 15, 2021, will remain as a dark day in the history of the United states. On August 15, 2021-Sunday, the Taliban swept to power in Afghanistan after a few weeks of stunning military victories. The Read More