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Why South Koreans don’t want to be friends with colleagues on social media

28 May 2021 Steven Borowiec

Much of life in South Korea takes place on KakaoTalk, the country’s most popular instant messaging app. It is the near universal, go-to platform for instant communication that 97.5 per cent of the country uses. It’s free and convenient, cast Read More
Mother’s Day being celebrated

9 May 2021 Monica Ranjit

Mother’s Day is a special day set aside in celebration of mothers all over the world.  It is celebrated around the world as a day to honour mothers, motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society within the Read More
Europe’s lowest-ranked countries for journalistic freedom

4 May 2021 Luke Hurst

The world of journalism faces “drastic losses,” the UN has warned, as it highlights the importance of ‘information as a public good’ on World Press Freedom day. The intergovernmental organization says the current coronavirus crisis has forced closures and job Read More
What makes new cities successful?

16 Apr 2021 Gloria P. Gerilla-Teknomo

The right blend of public and private sector support, along with long-term transport strategies and anchor institutions such as schools and hospitals, are some of the basic ingredients needed for a successful new city. The United Nations estimates that 60% Read More
Nepal-Israel: Hovering Over Harmonious Bond

15 Apr 2021 Arun Ranjit

73rd anniversary of Independence: Happy Birthday Israel With the establishment of their diplomatic relations on June 1, 1960, Nepal became the first South Asian country to establish diplomatic relations with Israel at embassy level even during the time when most Read More
Drinking even half a coffee while pregnant could harm baby

15 Apr 2021 Tabitha Barda

It might be advisable to avoid caffeine all together when you’re expecting, according to a spate of recent studies - meaning that even moderate coffee intake or a simple bar of chocolate could soon be off the menu for mums-to-be. Read More
New Year’s Bash: Nepali Style

14 Apr 2021 Arun Ranjit

HAPPY NEWS YEAR 2078 BS Among the many festivals, the first day of Baisakha is also important not only because of the New Year's Day but also has its own value from the cultural viewpoint. New Year means a refreshing Read More
Asian Americans Fastest Growing Ethnic Group In US

11 Apr 2021 Abby Budiman & Neil G. Ruiz

Asian Americans recorded the fastest population growth rate among all racial and ethnic groups in the United States between 2000 and 2019. The Asian population in the U.S. grew 81% during that span, from roughly 10.5 million to a record Read More
Is Asian Century Really Here?

7 Apr 2021 Jong-Wha Lee

The Covid-19 pandemic has not been the West’s finest hour. Most Western governments failed to contain the deadly outbreak and the resulting economic damage effectively. And by pursuing inward-looking and protectionist policies, they have contributed relatively little to an effective Read More
Failing Sets Us Up For Greatness

7 Apr 2021 Gemma Leigh Roberts

Nobody enjoys failing. Whether it’s a small mistake in our day-to-day lives or something bigger that doesn’t go our way, failure isn’t something that anybody strives for. When we’re small children, we learn that failure is part of the learning Read More