Tuesday, 29 September 2020

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Too Much or Too Little Sleep Bad For Brains

26 Sep 2020 Steven Reinberg

Everyone needs sleep but too little or too much of it might contribute to declines in thinking, a new study suggests. Too little sleep was defined as four or fewer hours a night, while too much was deemed 10 or Read More
United Nations March To 75 Years

23 Sep 2020 José Antonio Ocampo

As the United Nations marks its 75th anniversary, the world is in turmoil. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in nearly one million deaths so far and is nowhere close to being contained. The world economy is experiencing its worst recession Read More
‘Retirement Visa’ in Dubai to lure expertise

12 Sep 2020 Arun Ranjit

Person with income of US $ 5,500 and of over 55 years can apply While most Middle East countries are facing an expat exodus, the UAE is looking to attract more of them. Dubai has just announced its new strategy Read More
Singapore cutting down on foreign professionals amidst crisis

11 Sep 2020 Foreign Affairs News Desk

For many years, Singapore has been a haven for foreign professionals thanks to the wide range of career prospects available, but also for its high wages and living standards. However, the economic downturn, coupled with rising unemployment, have compelled the Read More
Restart Of Flights Would Take Up Global Economy

1 Sep 2020 Arun Ranjit

Not only the one area or particular place. Covid-19 damaged whole world. There is no space in the world where corona virus don’t exist. The virus reached all the nook and corners, infected the people without any discrimination of rich Read More
COVID New (Ab) Normal: Cooperation A Necessity, Not An Option

1 Sep 2020 He Yafei

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a game-changer in both domestic and global affairs which fundamentally reshaped ways of life, ways of production and the overall social fabric across the globe, overturned globalization 1.0, thus leading us into a more anarchic Read More
Sex After 60 Years

1 Sep 2020 Brunilda Nazario, MD

Sex after 60? That's a big yes. Many mature couples have better love lives than they did in their more youthful days. There are lots of reasons for this. They have deeper intimacy with partners, fewer distractions, no pregnancy concerns, Read More
Power Of Women In 21st Century

29 Aug 2020 Dr. Abiona Iwajowa

For long, the world has paid lip service to the place of women in the global scheme of things. The situation, although more critically felt in developing economies, Nigeria inclusive, is one that has remained a problem globally. Indeed, gender Read More
Science, Economics Of COVID-19 Vaccines

28 Aug 2020 Crispin Maslog

A mad race to produce a vaccine against COVID-19 has begun with the world’s superpowers leading the pack. At stake are millions of lives and billions of dollars.  Among the frontrunners is the US with its futuristic-sounding Operation Warp Speed. Read More
Female Condom Makes Sex Safer For Women

28 Aug 2020 Laura Owings

The low uptake of female condom use in Africa is due to the reluctance of healthcare workers to endorse it for preventing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, a study says. Only about 15 per cent of South African women Read More