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May 26, 2023

WHO warns not to use sugar-free sweetener

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Sugar-free sweetener
Sugar-free sweetener

These days many people use sugar-free sweeteners while drinking tea and coffee instead of using sugar. Besides, the people who are suffering from diabetes and the normal person also use sweeteners to lose weight.

But the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that such sugar-free sweeteners are dangerous for health. The use of sugar-free sweets has no effect on weight loss.

According to the WHO, the long-term use of sugar-free sweets has been found to increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and mortality in adults caused by diet and lifestyle.

Sugar free sweeteners are consumed especially by diabetic patients and those who have decided to stay away from the use of sugary products and connoisseurs of sweets. Using sugar-free sweets instead of any type of sweets mixed with food or drinks will not help in losing weight even in the long run, WHO added.

But instead, WHO has advice that people should downsize the amount of sugar in their diet during their early days and consuming naturally sweetened fruits and drinks will be beneficial.