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Jun 3, 2023

Religions in Nepal numbered 10, 142 caste, 124 mother tongue

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National Census 2078 has stated that the number of religions in Nepal has been fixed at 10 while the number of castes in Nepal has remained at 142 and the number of mother tongues has remained at 124.

In the census of 2068, there were 125 castes, now there are 17 more.

According to the National Statistics Office 2068 census, there were 123 mother tongues.

Similarly, statistics also mention that more than 81 percent of people in Nepal believe in Hinduism.

According to the 2078 census, the total population of Nepal has reached 291 million 64 thousand 578.

Among which, 81.19 percent follow Hinduism where as 8.21 percent follow Buddhism. Likewise, 5.09 percent follow Islam, 3.17 percent follow Kirat and 1.76 percent follow Christianity.