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Feb 3, 2023

No more king’s image in Australian dollar

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The Central Bank of Australia has announced that it will not print the image of the British King Charles III on its banknotes.

According to the bank, instead of the current image of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain appearing on the Australian banknote, it will now be replaced by the country’s history and indigenous culture.

this was the first victory in the direction of fulfilling indigenous groups’  Australia to be freed from British colonialism, the tribal leader commented

After the death of Queen Elizabeth on September 8, 2022, when Australia declared national mourning in honor of the head of state, it was strongly opposed by some indigenous groups.

Currently, King Charles III is the constitutional monarchical head of Australia.

In a referendum held in 1999 on the issue of whether Australia should go under British monarchical Head of State or Republican state’s Presidential system was defeated by a narrow margin.