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Apr 2, 2024

Journalist & Writers Foundation awarded bronze medal

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Journalists and Writers Foundation has been awarded the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week 2024 Bronze Medal by King Abdullah II amidst at a function held the other day.

In 2024, on the Occasion of the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week Observance globally, over 1180 events were held to promote peace, harmony, and dialogue among people of diverse faiths.

According to the Journalists and Writers Foundation, it has organized two events: Creating A Safe Space for Interfaith Dialogue and Global Voices: Youth Interfaith Digital Storytelling Campaign fostering unity and interfaith dialogue through digital stories.

Established by the Royal Aal Al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought in Jordan, the World Interfaith Harmony Week Prize was created in 2013 to honor the best three events organized during the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week, which best embodied the goals of the initiative, said the foundation.  

These prizes recognize events that successfully promote interfaith harmony and enhance religious understanding. Since 2014, this prestigious award has been known as the H.M. King Abdullah II World Interfaith Harmony Week Prize, the foundation reports.