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Nov 13, 2021

Japan hospital used toilet water as drinking water for nearly 30 years

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Director apologizes for troubles caused
Director apologizes for troubles caused

A hospital accidentally used toilet water as drinking water for almost three decades. The most shocking news is that the unsafe drinking water went unnoticed until they planned to build a new treatment and diagnosis unit.

A Japanese hospital accidentally used toilet water as drinking water for almost three decades. The mistake went unnoticed by both the staff and patients. Things took a shocking change on October 20 when Yomiuri Shimbun, a Japanese News outlet reported Osaka University’s newest announcement.

According to the university, there were mistakes in the water taps and pipes’ connection. Therefore, connecting drinking and toilet water pipes in some parts of the institute. As per the report, the mistake dates back to 30 years when the hospital opened in 1993. Since then, 120 taps were found to be faulty for providing unsafe drinking water.

Unsafe drinking water: Slips unnoticed for 30 years

Both patients and employees were washing, gargling, and drinking it without the knowledge of its source. Moreover, no one noticed this issue until the hospital started building a new building for the treatment and diagnosis unit. Additionally, reports also claim that the hospital was checking the color, taste, and smell of the water every week.

Based on the previous records, there were no issues since 2014. Moreover, the university claimed that the investigation did not reveal health hazards.“I am very sorry that the university hospital that provides advanced medical care has caused anxiety,” said Kazuhiko Nakatani.

Kazuhiko Nakatani, the Vice President and Director of the hospital apologized to staff and former patients for causing anxiety. According to the director, the 105 buildings in the university used treated well water. He also clarified that the university will now start regularly checking the connections and sources.