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11 Jul 2020

Google advices to unstall 11 apps in phone

Foreign Affairs News Desk
Foreign Affairs News Desk
The Live Mirror
The Live Mirror

Google has banned from its Play Store 11 apps for injecting malware into users’ phones, according to FE reports.

Strengthening the move to make its platforms more secure for Android phone users, Google has delisted as many as 11 apps from its Play Store that were associated with Joker malware.

Check Point that deals with security solutions has said that the Joker Malware was found in all these apps that have been taken down by Google from the Play Store.

They have suggested users of these apps,, .com.hmvoice.friendsms, .com.relax.relaxation.androidsms, .com.cheery.message.sendsms (two different instances), .com.peason.lovinglovemessage, .com.file.recovefiles, .com.LPlocker.lockapps, .com.remindme.alram, uninstall them immediately.

These malware could manage the users to subscribe for premium services without intimation and as they got inside these apps users had installed on their phone, they could not be detected by Google Play’s protection framework.

Check Point has raised the alarm that the Joker malware is hard to detect by Google Play’s security features and as a result can very well make a comeback to the Play Store.

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