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18 Oct 2020

Biden, Harris extend wishes on Dashain festival

Foreign Affairs News Desk
Foreign Affairs News Desk
Democratic Party's presidential and vice presidential candidates for the November 3 election in the United States ex-VP Joe Biden and Senator Kamal Harris.
Reuters Photo
Democratic Party’s presidential and vice presidential candidates for the November 3 election in the United States ex-VP Joe Biden and Senator Kamal Harris. Reuters Photo

10-day Hindu Festival Dashain begins

The Democratic Party’s US presidential candidate Joe Biden and vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris extended their greetings on the occasion of Dashain also called Nawaratri (the 9-day long fasting festival) to all the Hindu Americans community and all those who are celebrating the festival in the United States.

Navratri is also known as Dashain in Nepal wished for the victory of good over evil once again. During the Nawaratri, nine Durga Bhawani– Sailputri, Bramhacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Mahagauri, Siddhiratri are worshipped.

“As the Hindu festival Dashain (also known as Navratri) begins, Jill and I send our best wishes to all those celebrating in the US and around the world. May good once again triumphs over evil- and usher in new beginnings and opportunity for all,” Joe Biden tweeted on Saturday.

A 77-year-old former vice president Biden is challenging President Donald Trump, a Republican, who is seeking another term in the November 3 presidential election.

Likewise, a 55 year-old Senator Harris, who has set a history in US politics by becoming the first Indian-American and Black woman to get a major party’s vice-presidential nomination, also extended greetings on Navratri.

“@DouglasEmhoff and I wish our Hindu American friends and family, and all those celebrating, a very Happy Navratri! May this holiday serve as an inspiration to all of us to lift up our communities and build a more inclusive and just America,” Senator Harris tweeted.

Last August, on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, they also greeted the Hindu community in the US.

Dashain is the great festival of all the Hindus who believe in the Hinduism festival which begins Saturday.

From the day of Ghatasthapana (the first day of the festival that was on Saturday) worship begins at Dashain House by invoking Goddess Durga Bhawani, the presiding deity of Shakti.

And also, every day during nine days also called Nawaratri-from Ashwin Shukla Pratipada to Nawami, devotees go to one of the shrines in the morning, take a bath, worship at the Shakti Peeths and pay homage to the nearby Goddess Durga.

The night between Maha Ashtami and Maha Nawami is traditionally celebrated as Kalaratri. On the day of Maha Nawami (on 9th day) ducks, chickens, goats and buffaloes are sacrificed at the place where Ghatasthapana was established and at various Shakti Peeths and Kot—inside the Hanuman Dhoka Palace where 108 animals are sacrificed.

On this day, there is a tradition of opening the Taleju Bhawani Temple to the public throughout the day.

The tenth day is Vijaya Dashami- the main day of the entire festival. On this day tika taken out from Goddess Durga Bhawani is put on the forehead. And later, seniors give tika to all the juniors. From Vijaya Dashami day to Kojagrat Purnima, people will visit seniors to receive tika.

On the same day, Khadga Jatra (Sword Procession) is taken out in different places of the capital.

No Tika From Dignitaries

Meanwhile, President Bidya Devi Bhandari will not offer Vijaya Dashami Tika to high level government officers as well as the general public this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Likewise, Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli also will not offer Tika due to the COVID-19.

Also, former King Gyanendra Shah has also mentioned that the program of offering tika to the general public on the day of Vijaya Dashami has been cancelled considering the high risk of the coronavirus infection.

In a statement issued, the former King has called upon the people to celebrate the Dashain festival in a peaceful, dignified and straightforward manner.

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