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Sep 3, 2021

Traffic Violation: Pay fines through QR code

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Pay traffic fines through scan code. Image: Gadnwid
Pay traffic fines through scan code. Image: Gadnwid

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has installed software and launched the digital apps to collect the traffic related fines.

The traffic violators now can pay any kind of traffic related fines and dues by scanning the QR-code of the new software using the violators’ mobile phones.

Traffic violators are handed a chit with QR-code on the spot and they can pay fines by scanning the QR-code. And after completing the payment the traffic violators can collect their traffic documents taken by traffic police on the spot from traffic police offices at areas of their convenience. 

With the introduction of digital payment apps now traffic violators will no need to bother as they save their time and will be free from various hassles in paying fines by scanning QR-codes for violating traffic rules in the Kathmandu Valley.

The online payment service has been launched by the Metropolitan Traffic Police with the development of TVRS (Traffic Violation Record System) software so that the fines for violating traffic rules can be paid online. For now the service is available from eSewa and ConnectIPS only.

This service will be expanded in the coming days. Hence the fine payer can make payments through internet banking and other affiliated PSPs / wallets of banks and financial institutions affiliated to NCHL.

The use of technology and the facility of online payment is expected to make the management of vehicles more efficient. Also, more work can be done with less manpower.

Before, the fine payer faced hassle. They must deposit the amount in the bank recommended by the traffic department. The deposit slip must be submitted to the Metropolitan traffic police department. Then only the fine payer will receive their document. As a result, the fine payer has to spend a lot of time and hassle in queuing at the bank.