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Nov 4, 2022

WHO launches 4th Health for All Film Festival

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World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a call for short films for the 4th edition of the Health for All Film Festival. The date line to apply has been extended until 31 January.

In honor of WHO’s 75th anniversary in 2023, this call is exceptionally open to historical films and films sharing vision about current challenges and future solutions to improve health, said the WHO press note.

This will be in addition to the usual categories of the competition aligned with WHO’s major public health goals.

Films are a powerful way to raise awareness, improve understanding and encourage positive behavior changes, that’s why the Health for All Film Festival (HAFF) recruits year after year a new generation of film and video innovators to champion and promote health issues.

This HAFF website includes examples of films created to improve the health status of people globally, and tips for encouraging an educative usage of our selection of short films gathered since our first HAFF edition in 2020.

The Health for All Film Festival (HAFF) invites independent filmmakers, production companies, public institutions, NGOs, communities, health professionals, scientists, students, and film schools from around the world to submit their original short films on health.

Since 2020, WHO gathered 3500 submissions from 110 countries hoping to add another 1000 through our 4th edition. With about 70 short films selected every year by WHO from the larger set of submissions, our official selection represents a useful catalogue for health education and for more local actions to raise better health awareness all around the world, said WHO.

By March 2023, this catalogue would propose almost 250 titles, it said.