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Sep 13, 2022

Vegan Festival kicks off in Nepal

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Vegan Festival

A week-long Himalayan Vegan Festival 2022 has begun.

According to the organizer, this festival has been kicked off today September 13 (Bhadra 28) in Lumbini which comes to end tomorrow Wednesday (Bhadra 29).

Likewise, then after this festival will attract the people residing in Kathmandu Valley on September 15, 16 and 17 (Bhadra 30, 31 and Asoj 1st respectively).

The festival venue is Hotel Soaltee at Kalimati, the organizers said.

After the event is held in the capital city, the festival will be organized at Hotel Grand in Biraj Chowk of Pokhara Western Nepal from September 18, 19 and 20 (Asoj 2, 3 and 4 respectively.

Bishnu Prasad Neupane

This kind of festival is being organized for the first time in South Asia, the organizers said.

As the number of people adopting the vegan lifestyle is increasing globally, the tourism potential of this type of lifestyle in Nepal also can be adopted.

“Thus, in order to inform the general public about this type of message, the Himalayan Vegan Festival 2022 has been organized, said the Vice President of World Vegan Organization, Nepal and Festival Organizing Committee Coordinator Bishnu Prasad Neupane

Ajit Thapa

General Secretary of the festival organizing committee, General Ajit Thapa said that this kind of program was organized to increase non-violence, compassion in the country where propounder of peace, non-violence Lord Gautam Buddha was born and nature-loving spirit by imparting knowledge and information about purely vegetarian lifestyle in a country like Nepal, which has comprises of mountains, hills, and plains area of geographical arena.

Similarly, there are more than 75 informative exhibitions, sales booths for vegan food, alternative workshop classes on milk, curd, cheese, cakes, etc., interactive workshop classes along with exhibition of films based on vegan themes, etc. are included in the programme.

Five kilometers distance marathon is another charming perks of the festival.

Similarly, yoga and fitness, children’s activities are also included.

Three people who play a marvelous role in promoting VEGAN LIFESTYLE are also to be awarded, the organizers informed.

President of World Vegan Organization Nepal, Suresh Shrama says that the main aim of vegans is that all human beings, animals and nature should be saved, and creating awareness about this vegan lifestyle among every person is the right kind of humanity.

“As it is estimated that there are 79 million vegans in the world. The ongoing Himalayan Vegan Festival 2022 aims to convey the message to the Nepalese that the future lifestyle should be vegan,” added the Festival Organizing team’s Coordinator, Bishnu Prasad Neupane.

“Over 100 distinguished dignitaries including non-violent leader and member of the Indian Lok Sabha (House of Representatives) Ms.  Maneka Gandhi, Dr. Shaileb Rao, Dr. Jishan Ali, Zyakri Lovas, Jennifer George from the United States of America, Dr. Sushanto and his team from Indonesia and Dr. Lan Singleton from London United Kingdom have arrived in the capital to address and observe the festival,” informed Coordinator Neupane.

“The dignitaries and experts will also share their knowledge with the participants about the importance of vegan lifestyle,” he said.

Vegan Science described that in order to reduce the increasing environmental pollution and global warming, to solve the incurable health problems such as cancer, to solve the inhuman behavior of humans, to solve various types of unbalanced and unnatural and impractical activities, we should adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, opined enlightened class such as health experts, scientists, philosophers etc.

In the world, just as animals are raised for meat, they are also raised for milk. In this way, when rearing livestock in a commercial way, they try to produce more meat and produce more milk. This has been driving society into the wrong direction as people started violating everything for the cause of just for monetary benefits.

As a result, before the period or more than capacity people began to develop dementia. As a result, large-scale side effects began to occur. In human society, humanity disappeared and monstrosity came. This is the reason why the world is getting destroyed day by day.

A child of an animal has the right to breastfeed its mother’s breast. Drinking milk from someone other than your own mother means taking away the rights of others or doing injustice to the children of any mother.

Therefore, do not consume dairy products. And let’s avoid meat-based food, which will help to solve all the problems like global warming caused by unnaturally raised animals in the world, epidemics of diseases, the feeling of greed and sin in humans and the side effects created by it. The earth and the global environment, which is becoming unsafe, will also be safe and clean. This type of doctrine and practice of the message is known as Veganism.

It can be said that today’s veganism is similar to the frugal lifestyle of the ancient sages. Vegans eat what people grow like grains, fruits, vegetables but they don’t eat what is born and kill like fish and meat because killing animals causes pain to others.

Drink your own mother’s milk during childhood, don’t try to drink another mother’s milk because violations of rights of the children of animals is also sane. Thus, love all human beings, let all animals live. Do not violate the right to live is the main object of Veganism.

Thus, the organizers have invited everyone to participate in the festival to experience an opportunity to gain more knowledge.