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14 Feb 2020

Valentine’s Day: Romantic Carnival Of Love

Sandhya Shrestha
Sandhya Shrestha
Happy Valentine Day !!!
Happy Valentine Day !!!

Today-14th February.

The teenagers of the world is going to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day this year again with organizing various hip hop events around the world.

St. Valentine’s Day is observed 14th February of every year believing that it is the day of holiday of love, to be sure. It’s also the holiday that many single-with ever-increasing zest-love to hate.

It is a day to express the one’s feelings or renew the bond of secret love he or she shares with someone a very special. This is a also a day wishing the LOVE he or she shares to grow more strengthen with each passing moment making a very special and ushering a feeling of togetherness and romance. 

Usually the women around the world give chocolate to boyfriends and husbands for Valentine’s Day with the men reciprocating. Also on this day, women are given decorative “Rose Flower” by their beloved ones.

An increasing number of women in their 20s and 30s want to reward themselves; they want to spend money on themselves on Valentine’s Day.

Though, St. Valentine’s Day festival was originated from the West, Valentine’s Day did gained big popularity among the Asians including Nepalese teenagers too. However, still the St. Valentine’s Day isn’t popular in some parts overseas, either due to vivid causes.

According to the legend, St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the memory of Saint Valentine who is better known as the patron saint of lovers. St. Valentine, a Roman priest during the time of Emperor Claudius II went against the Emperor by helping lovers marry secretly. Thus, he was jailed. Before being taken to be beheaded, St. Valentine left a farewell note for the jailer’s daughter who had become his close friend by signing on it “From Your Valentine” and he died on February 14 of 269 A.D. in side the jail.

This is the reason why lovers call them Valentine while exchanging love messages. in 496 A.D. Pope Gelasius set aside February 14 to honour St. Valentine and gradually this day is became the day for exchanging love messages and St. Valentine became the patron saint of all the lovers.

In Nepal, compare to the previous years, this year, as publicized and arranging for the event more, seems to be marked in a high volume of celebration not only in the Kathmandu Valley but also going to be observed with high enthusiastically at the various urban areas of the country too. As seen in the newspapers Ad, in Kathmandu, the star-categorized hotels, the big or small restaurants and discos are in full preparation to rolling out the young couples’ heart to heart, toe to toe to spark off the flame of passion where they could shower their love with romantic hampers but of course, full of real and pure love.

Archie’s galleries seemed jammed packed these days with lovely teenagers hanging around with knowing or unknowing the real meaning of the importance of St. Valentine’s Day.

As in the past years, the discos in the capital have made special offers of free drinks to all the disco comers. Thinking of to make the full house, even they have figure out the plan to provide the complimentary drinks to all the late comers. 

Whether it’s organizing bashes for people without sweethearts or even starting an alternative holiday, the unattached are fighting back.

On the Internet and in Valentine’s Day cards there could be widely available of various types’ cards written out as: “Out of all my wives…. you are the best”, “My heart belongs to you,” “I’m everything I am, because you loved me,” “you are in my thoughts and in my heart wherever I may go”………..etc.

“It’s a feel-good alternative to the marketing barrage of Valentine’s Day and an antidote to the silicon version of love presented in (TV) show”, says the owner of one of the Archie’s gallery in Kathmandu. “Among the whole year, this special event is the time during which our trade volume will be high”, she added.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day beyond its one-in-one romantic aspect, could becomes a celebration of caring that non-lovers could share in. But this day also could be upsetting to certain singles and could be stressful to people who are divorced or widowed or to those couples who have just started dating.

As stated in a report published recently, majority of the aged between 17 and 27 viewed the St. Valentine’s Day as their favourite occasion to have sex with their beloved.

Anyway, the advice for Valentine teenagers who are going to celebrate the Valentine’s Day with exchanging of gifts and cards and many more secretly is “Don’t feel there is anything wrong with not being in a relationship, do something and for someone in need, treat you to something special during the day, hook up with other singles friends for some enjoyable activity.”

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