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May 14, 2024

Ukraine war claims nearly 2,000 children’s lives

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The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) informed that nearly 2,000 children in Ukraine have lost their lives amidst ongoing and escalating war.

UNICEF Europe and Central Asia Regional Office and its Regional Director, Regina De Dominicis, released a joint statement saying, “At least 1,993 children in Ukraine have been killed or injured since the escalation of war more than two years ago, an average of two child casualties each day.”

The statement added that the children’s deaths are likely to be higher.

“As we see in all wars, the reckless decisions and actions of adults are costing children their lives, safety and futures,” the statement said.

Due to the quickly deteriorating security situation, local authorities, with support from the UN and aid organizations, have evacuated nearly 6,000 people from the border area with Russia.

June will mark four years of disrupted education in Ukraine, UNICEF said.

“Nearly half of children enrolled in school in Ukraine are missing out on in-person schooling, with almost one million children across the country not able to access any in-person learning at all due to insecurity.”

UNICEF is steadily calling for a prompt ceasefire in Ukraine and children’s protection.

UNICEF said its 2024 humanitarian and recovery programmes need an additional US $250 million to guarantee critical support for children and families in Ukraine.

(Based on UN News Report)