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Jun 26, 2024

Trump says foreign-born students would be given green cards after their study in US

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Image: MEMO
Image: MEMO

Former American President Donald Trump, a likely Republican presidential nominee, has expressed his commitment to provide automatic green cards to those who graduate from American universities.

Donald J.Trump /courtesy AP file photo

Trump made a U-Turn from his earlier 2020 presidential elections statement of  “immigrants are poisoning the blood of America”. Thus, if I were elected as President of the USA, I would return a large number of immigrants to their country, promising that foreign-born students who graduate from American universities would be eligible for green cards.

According to the news report, Donald Trump in an interview promised foreign-born college graduates from any two-year or four-year institution to provide legal permanent residency if he’s re-elected president in the November 2024 election.

In order to prevent US varsity graduates going to other countries including China and India after completing their studies, Trump has promised to give them an automatic green card believing those skilled graduates can make significant contributions to America.