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May 7, 2022

Taliban orders burqa mandatory for women

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Since taking power last year, Taliban officials have ordered Afghan women to wear the burqa in public as a suggestion of morality.

Even though a group of women protested saying burqa had nothing to do with Afghan culture. Taliban when taking power last year had not hinted anything about burqa.

As per the order, in the first stage, the woman who is not wearing a burqa will be suggested for the first time. If the rule is not followed, then male guardian or husband of a woman will be summoned and they could be faced with a jail sentence.

Also, the ministry has banned women from traveling long distances alone. Also men are barred from going to the park with the woman too.

The Taliban’s latest move is seen as an attempt to further stifle women’s emancipation. After the Taliban took power, some.

It is to note that from 1996 to 2001, the blue burqa was a global symbol of the Taliban’s harsh rule.

Earlier, women used to wear “Sal” in religious ceremonies in major cities of Afghanistan. But in places like Kabul, they did not cover their faces.

Also, women were barred from receiving education in school. Criticism has been pouring on by the international community, including the United Nations.

Since the Taliban took power, the United States and Western nations have cut off development aid to Afghanistan.

During the two decades between now and the previous Taliban regime, women were not barred from studying and working.