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May 17, 2022

Singer Raju Lama atop Mt. Everest

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Singer Raju Lama at the mountain. Photo credit: Imagine Nepal
Singer Raju Lama at the mountain. Photo credit: Imagine Nepal

Mt. Everest– the worlds’ highest snow peak standing at the height of 8848.86 meters has been topped by many Nepalese and foreign alpinists since first successfully climbed 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenjing Norgay Sherpa.

To add one more name in the successful expedition history, Nepali singer Raju Lama has become successful in writing his name in climbing the world’s highest peak list.

According to the Imagine Nepal Expedition, Lama reached at the summit of Mount Everest on Monday early morning from 4:00 am to 6:40 am

Imagine Nepal Expedition’s social media also described that Lama along with other 27expedition members from Nepal, China, Australia and Russia also set their feets at the top of snow-capped Mt. Everest.

The team was led by Mingma Ji who has reached the peak without oxygen, writing more in the social media.

Singer Lama is the one of the members of Mongolian Hearts musical band set dream to climb the highest peak aiming to convey the message of the effects of climate change in the world, also gave a concert at an altitude of 6,574 meters snow route.

Lama’s songs are hits in the Nepali music arena.

Among many, Nepal is also popular for mountain climbing. Spring and Autumn seasons are the best peak climbing seasons. The spring season ranges from March to May which is the good season to climb various snow-covered mountains.

Reaching at the top of Mt. Everest the highest roof of the world at an elevation of 8848.86 meters is one of the most aim of the life of the alpinists of the world

Thus, every year hundreds of alpinists from around the world come to Nepal dreaming to conquer the world’s highest snow-capped peak putting their lives at risk.

Everest climbing in the fall season is one of the good times.

As per the Department of Tourism, 316 climbers (243 men and 73 women alpinists) have been allowed to climb the highest peak, Mount Everest.