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Apr 2, 2022

Ramadan 2022: Holy month begins

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The first day of Ramadan 2022 begins today Saturday-April 2 which will last until May 2, 2022, followed by the Islamic festivities of Eid al Fitr.

The Muslim communities around the world started observed a month long Ramadan festival. Ramadan is celebrated by millions of Muslims around the world.

Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, is a time when Muslims across the world fast from dawn to sunset begins and ends around the crescent moon, a symbol used extensively in Ramadan decorations.

Accordingly, Friday- April 1 was the last day of Sha’ban 1443 Hijri.

The month of Ramadan is considered the holiest and most sacred month of the Islamic Hijri (lunar) calendar. Muslims firmly believe that it was during this exalted month that the archangel Gabriel descended from the heavens and revealed the Message to the Prophet Muhammad.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are required to elevate their level of spiritual and physical submission to God by way of fasting; that is to say, Muslims must abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and also husband-wife intimacy from the breaking of dawn until the setting of the sun.

As per the traditional mandates, the exact date of the holy month’s beginning must be determined by a moon-sighting committee consisting of religious scholars, astronomers, and other authorities under the cover of night to the appearance of a new crescent moon heralding the start of Ramadan.

It is also referred to as the month of Ghabga; the month of the midnight feast. The purpose of Ghabga is to gather family and friends so that the midnight feast may be enjoyed in a spirit of togetherness.

Muslim family sit down to iftar, the nightly meal that breaks the fast during Ramadan. UNOCHA/Rawsht Twana

Meanwhile, various political sitting president, prime ministers, other high ranking officials and other scholars have delivered their Ramadan message wishing all the Muslim communities of the world to be an inspiring and rewarding month.

Highlighting it as a period of compassion and empathy, Secretary-General António Guterres said on Friday that the holy month of Ramadan is a “time for reflection and learning, an opportunity to come together and uplift each other.”

Citing the Holy Quran, the UN chief said that God created nations and tribes “so that we might know one another” and called on people to “work hand in hand for the safety, dignity and prosperity of all women and men.”

“We must learn from each other and “together, build a peaceful world,” the UN chief added.