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Jul 6, 2021

Qatar: True friend in need indeed

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Nepal-Qatar Flag with Ambassador
Nepal-Qatar Flag with Ambassador

Qatar Ambassador to Nepal Yousef bin Mohammed Al-Hail is one of the very good friends of Nepal. Since the latter half of 2016 taking the helm of the State of Qatar’s ambassadorial post in Nepal he is carrying a big burden of responsibilities of strengthening the bilateral relationship existing between the Government of Qatar and Nepal as well as rooted people to people relationships up to the hearts of Nepalese and Qataris.

“Since I arrived in Nepal in 2016, I have visited many places in Nepal. The weather and scenic nature have attracted me, feeling very hearty with a smiling touch. Thanks to the geographic natures of Nepal,” expressed the ambassador of his inner feelings.

“I love Nepal very much. This is my second home. Nepal is naturally a very good place, people are smiley and friendly, weather is accommodative, nature amazing… and many more,” the envoy said while chitchatting with this scribe at his office the other day.

Since his arrival in the Himalayan nation from flat land of desert he has been working tirelessly to link Qatar and Nepal for betterment.

“Qatar was delighted as various high level Nepal government’s dignitaries had stepped in Doha. On the other side, the Royalties and other high level influential leaders of Qatar are also keenly interested to see beautiful places surrounded by nature beauties of Nepal,” the envoy opened his feelings.

Qatar Ambassador to Nepal Yousef bin Mohammed Al-Hail

“But having many tete-a-tete with the high level people at the Nepal Government, bureaucrats, the concrete results were upheld with simply unreasonable answers,” the Qatari diplomat said.

“If the visits by high level people of Qatar to Nepal could succeed, I am hopeful, it will benefit Nepal in multiple ways,” the ambassador believed.

Having a casual conversation with Qatari tea, the ambassador, being a good friend of Nepal, also spoke about his difficulties to bring Qatari businesses saying “As the current foreign investment policy of Nepal has somehow hindered, thus, Qatari entrepreneurs are not giving focus in Nepal.”

He also notified an open-secret of Nepali business group who joined hands with Qatari businesses to set up a luxurious hotel in Doha that aims to be ready by next year.

As an ambassador he has the responsibility of burden in entire areas. Among many, thinking of education as a very important element for awareness and development of a country, the envoy has also focused his efforts into the education field.

The ambassador apprised through Qatar Charity Foundation many schools in Nepal have been uplifted. “I observed many schools in Nepal. Yes, private run schools are very accommodated with various facilities but expensive. But many of the government-run schools in remote areas are in deprived conditions that touched my heart and I felt very distressed,” the envoy expressed his gloom.

“Thus, I have taken initiatives to help the schools of Nepal through the Charity,” he acquainted.

Qatari envoy’s ingenuities also thriving Nepali football team as Qatar is taking responsibility of all the costs incurred of the current head coach of Nepal National Football Team for a year in Nepal to tutor Nepali sportsmen.

The envoy also further lauded stating that “Recently, three Nepali sportspersons’ medical treatment were done in a hospital in Doha with the Qatari institutions’ financial assistance that covers around US $600,000.”

Kudos! Hats Off!!! Ambassador for his genuine heartfelt support.

During the tea-conversation, the issue of Nepali people recruitment of security personnel needed for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar was also talked about.

As per information, Qatar had sent a letter to the Nepal government expressing its interest in recruiting hundreds of Nepalis for its security agency on a yearly resident visa where the individual’s profession is stated as “Police Army Staff” and had committed to meeting the expenses involved, including providing free visas. But Nepali authorities were in a dilemma.

“I worked hard for giving priority to the Nepali people as they have a very good and clean reference in the Qatar labour force with a maximum pay and facilities,” the envoy voiced.

“But, as the time passes various illusions and false issues without no pin-point proof have hit the Nepali market. It has made me indignant and very loathful. My priority to send Nepali labour-force in the Qatar security team has turned into ruin. Thus, with consultations in Doha all the plan has been sojourned,” ambassador told with downheartedness.

“Now Qatar has already signed with Turkey to get labour forces for the Qatar security targeting the World Cup 2022,” the Ambassador updated.

About COVID situation, Qatar has vaccinated all the citizens and all the foreign residents. Many of them have been vaccinated with two doses. Further process of vaccination is ongoing and the current rate of COVID infections are under margin. Under the four phases set plan Qatar is set to be free in all sectors by the end of July.

“Qatar is planning to provide vaccine doses to those who wish to get them. The Qatar government aims to vaccinate 25,000 doses every day. Also a big news that Qatar is preparing at large scale that those spectators (if needed) coming to Doha from around the world for World Cup 2022 are to be vaccinated for free,” the ambassador apprised.

“No doubt, the current government has been doing remarkable jobs in various sectors. Better, should be at speedily,” the envoy picturized.

Anyway, each and every person has their own thinking and evaluation. But let’s hope that each country should be a place to stay. It reminded me of the quote from US President John F. Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”

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