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Feb 3, 2023

Nepal-Malaysia ties need to strengthen more: PM Dahal

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Malaysian Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin NasutionIsmail, who is visiting Nepal, meeting with Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal'Prachanda' at the latter's office in Singh Durbar on Friday. Photo: Prime Minister's Private Secretariat 
Malaysian Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin NasutionIsmail, who is visiting Nepal, meeting with Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal’Prachanda’ at the latter’s office in Singh Durbar on Friday. Photo: Prime Minister’s Private Secretariat 

Malaysian Home Minister pays courtesy call on PM

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the existing bilateral relations between Nepal and Malaysia should be strengthened in a new atmosphere.

Prime Minister Dahal said this while he met Malaysian Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail at his office in Singh Durbar on Friday.

“I would like to thank the Malaysian government for the environment it has been providing to the Nepali workers,” PM Dahal said.

Saying, Nepali workers in Malaysia are known as honest and hardworking, the PM urged the Malaysian government to think about increasing the number of Nepali workers in the future. “I believe that the Malaysian government will ensure the welfare and safety of the Nepali workers by making legal and institutional reforms,” the PM said.

On the occasion of the meeting, Prime Minister Prachanda thanked the Malaysian government for increasing the minimum wage of workers to 1,500 ringgit  (Malaysian currency).

Prachanda also emphasized on the need for the Malaysian government’s support in making Nepali workers and the labor sector open, transparent, trustworthy, effective and orderly in Malaysia.

“As cooperation between the two countries is necessary for the development of skilled workers, Nepal is always ready to cooperate with the Malaysian government and firm to strictly implement the system of free visa and free ticket. We also expect cooperation from the Malaysian government in immigration issue to make the labourers easier,” PM said.

Referring to PM Dahal’s curiosity and interest, Malaysian Minister Ismail said that Nepali workers are the property of Malaysia as they have contributed lots to the development of Malaysia.

Praising the Nepali workers, Minister Ismail lauded “We highly appreciate the contribution of Nepali workers,” he said adding “Malaysia will do homework for providing more fringe benefits to Nepali workers. We want to join hands with Nepal in other fields besides the labour area too.”

During a courtesy call on PM Dahal paid by the Malaysian Home Minister, the two officials also held discussion on cooperation between the two countries in the areas of trade, investment, tourism, economic development, and increasing the meeting and dialogue at the highest political and administrative levels.

Revision of Agreement

In another report, at the discussion, an agreement has been reached between Nepal and Malaysia to revise the existing labour agreement.

Also, Malaysian Home Minister Fuddin Nasusan Ismail, who is on a three-day visit to Nepal, held a meeting with Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security Dol Prasad Aryal at Soaltee Hotel in Kathmandu on Friday.

During the meeting the Minister Aryal urged the Malaysian Minister not to discriminate against Nepali workers in terms of wages.

In response, the Malaysian Minister has expressed his commitment to provide Nepali workers with the same service facilities as local workers.

According to government statistics, 285,768 Nepalis are working in Malaysia. Out of which 185,000 are employed in the manufacturing sector and the remaining are working in the Nepali Security Guard.

The Malaysian Home Minister also informed that Malaysia will soon make a new labor policy and that the wages of workers will be increased.

He also informed that a ‘recalibration plan’ has been introduced. Under this program, amnesty will be given to foreign workers living in Malaysia illegally. If some foreign workers are staying illegally, the main intention of the program is to bring them into the mainstream of the law by giving them a general amnesty and giving them an opportunity to become legal. With this plan, many Nepalese workers could be benefitted.


The Malaysian Minister’s visit to Nepal has a special interest. As Malaysia has been experiencing a shortage of workers now. After opening of industries and gaining economic recovery from the Corona pandemic Malaysia is in need of over 500,000 workers immediately. Thus, the Malaysian Minister is in Nepal to capitalize the labour needs.

There is now doubt, Malaysia is one of the labour destinations for Nepali workers.

Malaysia has another ‘Labour Relaxation Plan’. That means bringing in a large number of foreign workers.

Malaysia also has given more priority to foreign workers who have stayed to work in their country. Thus, workers from 15 different countries including Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines would be welcomed to Malaysia.

Malaysia is also expecting to get a large number of workers from Nepal. It is on this basis that the team of the Home Minister of Malaysia has come to visit Nepal.

Home Minister of Malaysia Ismail arrived in Nepal on Thursday evening for a three-day visit and is scheduled to return back home on Saturday.