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Oct 13, 2021

Men’s Perceptions on a Woman’s Appearance

Andy G.

Many women assume that males are primarily drawn to women because of their attractiveness.

You’re not entirely wrong about that either — we men just like to look. Beautiful women are and will continue to be what men want.

But, exactly, what is this foreboding “beauty”? What do males consider to be “beautiful”?

Over the previous few years, I’ve been wondering:

What is it that we men outwardly like about a woman? What is it that we truly value?

I can tell you one thing for certain: most of the models that try to entice us every day through posters and on television do not correspond to the tastes of most guys. I’m also not sure what the advertising industry is thinking when it declares malnourished women to be beautiful… I discovered the following from my many interactions with guys of all ages and educational backgrounds, and most all, since I am a man myself:

There is one feature of a woman that a man finds immediately appealing:

It is about your health.

Men, believe it or not, perceive a woman in seconds as it relates to their physical health. Mother Nature has equipped us with this sharp eye for a woman’s health in order for our offspring to be as healthy and vital as possible. They are drawn to women who are in good health and exude it.

Have you been experiencing any little, “harmless” difficulties for some time?

What Causes a Sudden Headache? Stomach ache? Do you have skin issues? Perhaps you feel gloomy and unhappy one day after having a day full of vitality and joie de vivre the next-for no apparent reason?

Maybe you already consider these minor details to be “normal” since you don’t know any other way.

Men do not rate a woman’s beauty based on her weight, the exclusivity of her clothing, the length of her legs, or her bust size. (That is, all the things that women are concerned about on a daily basis.) A male evaluates a woman’s beauty primarily based on her health.

I know a lot of ladies who have an outstanding shape and a really nice face, but they don’t look very appealing because of their unhealthy skin and constant mood swings…

What do you do to maintain your health?

What about your eating habits?

What about your athletic pursuits?

Do you use tobacco?

Do you often “treat” yourself to poisons like alcohol, fatty fast food, or other disease-causing substances?

I don’t want to come here and “preach” like a health apostle, but the fact is that men have a good sense of their own health. Whatever your age, weight, or clothing style.

It all boils down to one thing:

Men prefer women who are confident in their own skills. Women who look after themselves.

When a lady takes care of herself and her health, she exudes it in an enigmatic way. Because she is at ease in her own flesh… Do something positive for her health every day, and you will notice how guys perceive her in an entirely new perspective. Believe me when I say that your health is an extremely crucial feature that guys notice immediately.

Eat healthy foods and avoid all pathogenic poisons such as nicotine, excessive alcohol intake, and carcinogenic compounds contained in fast food. Participate in sports on a regular basis, preferably one that you enjoy. It is pointless to exercise if you have to force yourself to do so. For example, if you despise jogging, you should try swimming or cycling. Above all, it should provide them with pleasure.

(Reprinted with credit from Medium Daily Digest)