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Jan 11, 2022

Japan seeks 50,000 skilled Asian professionals

Foreign Affairs News Correspondent
Japan seeks thousands of skilled professionals in companies. Image:
Japan seeks thousands of skilled professionals in companies. Image:

The companies in Japan are likely to create jobs for 50,000 highly skilled Asian professionals in digital technology and other in-demand fields such as auto parts production, health care and logistics.

The Asia-Japan Investing for the Future Initiative, under a government initiative, announced Monday that this step would assist Japanese firms’ mission in highly competitive businesses.

According to Japanese Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry, Koichi Hagiuda, Japan will create thousands of opportunities for ambitious youth, particularly giving more opportunities for foreign alumni of Japanese universities.

In April 2019, Japan established a new status of residence, “Specified Skilled Worker (SSW)”, to welcome capable specialists from overseas countries to work in certain Japanese industrial fields, to function as workers ready to take on jobs without prior training. This page will introduce information for those that want to play an active role in Japan by making use of the expertise and skills they have cultivated so far.

According to Inter-American Development Bank report, there are less than 800,000 foreigners working in Japan. Among them are about 180,000 foreign skilled workers permitted to work in Japan and 50,000 workers who are engaged in apprenticeships.  Others include 240,000 second-and third- generation Japanese descendants who are generally capable of being employed for any kind of profession and the remaining 250,000  people  are  those  who  are  staying in  Japan,  working  without  a  work  permit.

Skilled labor include engineers, scientists, doctors and teachers, while vocationally educated workers include crane operators, CDL truck drivers, machinist, drafters, plumbers, craftsmen, cooks and accountants.