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Nov 3, 2023

Global meet on wine tourism in Spain

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Image: UNWTO
Image: UNWTO

With a strong focus on the future of wine tourism, the 7th UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism will be held in La Rioja, Spain from 22-24 November 2023.

According to the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), one of the world’s leading wine events in the region, the event will gather diverse industry players around data, governance, innovation, sustainability, and skills.

Co-organized by the UNWTO, the Government of La Rioja and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of Spain, the Conference will emphasize the pivotal role of this sector in promoting rural development, sustainable practices, and regional regeneration.

Against the backdrop of a landscape where tradition converges with technology, the Conference will shine a light on the seamless integration of wine tourism with the evolving preferences of tourists.

The programme will address innovative digital tools and the exploration of new strategies to amplify outreach via social media platforms, reaching larger audiences and increasing visitor flow, said the press note of UNWTO.

The Conference will underscore the importance of identifying and fostering skills development to enhance expertise, knowledge, and service quality, as a precursor to crafting a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive wine tourism industry.

Data can play a significant role in shaping wine tourism. Attendees will explore the mapping of existing metrics and methodologies to quantify wine tourism to create common frameworks.

Sustainability is at the heart of wine tourism’s future. Destination managers and experts will showcase sustainable practices that embrace the principles of the circular economy, it reads.

The Conference will also address the pivotal role of wine tourism in supporting rural development, revitalizing overlooked regions, tackling demographic challenges, and nurturing entrepreneurship for rural growth.

Participants will also have the opportunity to discover the renowned Vivanco Museum, recognized for its pioneering role and unwavering commitment to safeguarding the rich wine culture, it said.