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Aug 4, 2022

From Sept, Thailand to introduce 10-year visa

Foreign Affairs News Correspondent
Visa Thailand

One of the ASEAN countries, Thailand has planned to implement a 10-year visa effective September 2022.

As Thailand aims to attract over 1 million people from advanced economies, this 10-year visa system is aiming to attract skilled workers and investors mostly in automobile, electronics and biotechnology fields.

“The long-term resident visa is aimed at highly potential human resources from the foreign nations disclosed by the Deputy Secretary-General Narit Therdsteerasukdi of the Thailand Board of Investment.

According to the new rules to be implemented by Thailand, the visa scheme is centered for the skilled workers employed by foreign companies in Thailand and the investors worth over US $1 million investment. Also, retirees who have proof of stable high incomes can also benefit from the 10year visa scheme.

With this new visa scheme Thailand hopes to invite skilled foreign workers and interested investors that could compete with South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore and other countries.