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6 Oct 2020

Flying to US with sweet dreams make return with handcuffs

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Statue of Liberty and American Flag. Alamy Stock photo
Statue of Liberty and American Flag. Alamy Stock photo

After transiting 14 countries to US, arrive home after jail-term with handcuffs

Six Nepali youths who tried to enter the United States through transiting in 14 countries have returned home after spending nearly two years in the United States’ jail.

According to Nawaraj Mainali’s report in Naya Patrika Daily (a vernacular broadsheet daily) those persons were arrested by the American security personnel while trying to enter the US from Mexico following the human trafficking group.

After spending 22 months in the US jail, the US security authorities evicted those Nepali youth residents of Dang, Jhapa, Rukum East, Baglung and Dolakha districts on a chartered flight plane on 30th September and handed over to a team from the Bureau of Human Trafficking Investigation of Nepal Police. They were handcuffed even after landing at Tribhuvan International Airport.

Chief of the Bureau of Human Trafficking Investigation, SSP Dev Bahadur Bohara, said that a group of human traffickers had taken them to the US border through different countries.

One of the returnees is Ramesh KC (name change) from Rukum East. His trip to the United States began on November 6 2018. He was initially flown to Ethiopia via Doha from Nepal.

From there he traveled through Dubai to France, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala to neighboring Mexico. He was arrested while entering the United States from there. He told the police that Nepali Rs. 2.7 million has been spent for the trip.

Arriving in the United States with the dream of a beautiful life, they were out of pocket money while returning home. Even though he refused to lodge a complaint with the police against the gang. But instead, he said that his relatives had sent him to the United States.

Most of them have been deceived by their relatives. That is why they refused to lodge a complaint, said SP Sharda Prasad Chaudhary of the bureau. “We are investigating the gang that sent them to the United States,” he said. “However, we have not been able to get the support we expected from them,” he said.

Hundreds of Nepalis trying to enter the United States illegally through Mexico are arrested every year. Some return by road. Some have been taken hostage in African countries to be taken to the United States.

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