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Dec 20, 2021

FIFA to add Arabic in its official language

FA News Desk

Arabic language is also to be coming to use as an official language in the FIFA- the world football body besides currently using English, French, German and Spanish languages.

Coinciding the UN’s World Arabic Language Day, and the culmination of the inaugural FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021, the FIFA in recognition of the importance of the Arabic language spoken not only by the 450 million people that live in the more than 20 Arabic-speaking countries but also by millions of Arabs worldwide.

The FIFA President’s proposal stems from long-term discussions with stakeholders in Qatar and those across the MENA region, and coincides with the conclusion of the FIFA Arab Cup, which successfully brought together 23 national teams in a celebration of football and unity across the Middle East and Arab world.

According to the FIFA sources, after Arabic will become an official language then it will be 5th language of FIFA adding in the list of currently using the English, French, German and Spanish.