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Nov 20, 2021

FIFA categorizes members’ position; Nepal remains in 169th

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The world’s highest body of football– FIFA has categorized the ranking of its member countries.

According to the FIFA ranking report published Saturday, Belgium stands at the top position followed by Brazil is second.

France has captured the third position while England and Argentina stand at fourth and fifth positions.

Italy is sixth, Spain is seventh, Portugal is eighth, Denmark is ninth, and the Netherlands falls in tenth position, FIFA says.

FIFA puts Nepal in 169th place in the rankings while Nepal was in the same position in the earlier list also.

While viewing the ranks among the South Asian countries, Nepal stands in the third position after India and Maldives which ranks in the104th and 157th position respectively.

However, after Nepal, there are five South Asian nations.

According to FIFA ranking Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka fall in the 186th, 187th, 198th and 204th position

Afghanistan is under the lowest stand, FIFA says.