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Jun 28, 2024

Education, diversification key for Asia-Pacific tourism

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Photo courtesy UN Tourism.
Photo courtesy UN Tourism.

The 36th meeting of the UN Tourism’s Commission for Asia and the Pacific (CAP) and its Commission of South Asia (CSA) focused on the challenges and opportunities for creating a positive and lasting transformation diversifying tourism across Asia and the Pacific, alongside promoting more and better education to build a more resilient and sustainable sector.

The sector is experiencing a rapid recovery in Asia and the Pacific, with arrivals reaching 82% of pre-pandemic levels in the first quarter of 2024, boosted by the re-opening of many destinations throughout 2023, according to UN Tourism’s data.

The 36th meeting was attended by over 130 delegates from 25 countries and territories, said the press release of the UN Tourism.

In his opening remarks, Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Junior commended UN Tourism’s focus on education and training for the sector and stressed his commitment to wider sustainability efforts.

President Ferdinand Marcos also expressed interest in opening a new Academy in Collaboration with UN Tourism in the Philippines.

UN Tourism Secretary-General Polikashvili challenged tourism players to further capitalize on the region’s growing reputation as both a destination and leader in the field of gastronomy tourism.

The next 37th session meeting will be organized by Indonesia in 2025, it added.