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Apr 22, 2022

Chinese envoy lauds China-Nepal cooperation

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Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Ms. Hou Yanqi.
Photo: Chinese Embassy source
Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Ms. Hou Yanqi. Photo: Chinese Embassy source

The Ambassador of People’s Republic of China to Nepal Ms. Hou Yanqi has said that the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical conflicts have resurged and the recovery of the economy remains sluggish and depressed.

Giving a speech online, the Chinese envoy said, the peace, security and development in the world are facing grave challenges. Despite the complex international and regional situation, the China-Nepal relationship, led and cared for by the two heads of state, has maintained steady growth, she said. 

The Strategic Partnership of Cooperation Featuring Ever-lasting Friendship for Development and Prosperity between China and Nepal has been deepening and yielding solid results.

China’s State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Nepal in late March had in-depth discussions and communications with Nepali leaders on implementing outcomes of President Xi Jinping’s visit and promoting China-Nepal cooperation in various fields. This is the highest bilateral visit between China and Nepal since the outbreak of the Covid-19, she notified.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Nepal clearly pointed out that China supports Nepal in blazing a development path suited to its national conditions; supports Nepal in pursuing independent domestic and foreign policies; in participating in BRI to a greater extent. 

China’s friendly policy towards Nepal maintained continuity and stability and will never change no matter how the political situation of Nepal changes. 

During the Minister’s visit, the two sides signed nine agreements including development assistance, infrastructure connectivity, energy and medical and health cooperation, which injected fresh impetus to the implementation of the outcomes of President Xi Jinping’s visit and bilateral cooperation in various fields.  

In recent years, the connotation and extension of China-Nepal’s BRI cooperation have been continuously deepened and expanded. 

A multi-dimensional promotion pattern featuring “hard connection”, “soft communication” and “heart exchange” and the all-round participation of the government, market and society is taking shape. 

The Trans-Himalayan Multi-Dimensional Connectivity Network has gradually moved from a blueprint to a reality. 

Since last year, the two sides have worked hard to overcome the huge difficulties caused by the pandemic and promoted the construction of BRI cooperation in various fields to achieve new progress.

Until now, China has provided around 20 million vaccines through grant assistance, commercial purchase and other channels, making China the biggest supplier of Covid-19 vaccine to Nepal. Those vaccines have helped Nepal to fight against the pandemic and restored Nepali people’ life and work back to normal. 

A few days ago, a batch of medical materials granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China including 5.7 million syringes and 9 X-rays have been handed over to the Nepali side through Kerung-Rasuwagadhi border point. 

China will continue to provide vaccines and material support according to the demand of the Nepali side so as to help Nepal completely defeat the pandemic. 

That cooperation is an important part of jointly building a community of health between China and Nepal.

Economic and trade cooperation scored steady progress. As Nepal’s electricity production gradually turns to surplus, China is willing to work together with Nepal to complement each side’s advantages, actively promote the power grid interconnection, and build a new channel for Nepal’s power export.

Resumption of direct flights between China and Nepal and the return of Nepali students to China. The ministries of foreign affairs of the two countries are closely coordinating.

I believe that over time, the Trans-Himalayan Multi-Dimensional Connectivity Network will keep on achieving new results and developing steadily and far.

We should resolutely safeguard peace in Asia and should vigorously advance Asian cooperation. We should seize these opportunities to foster a more open Asia-wide market and make new strides in mutually beneficial cooperation.

China has always been the main stabilizer and power source of world economic growth. Its average annual contribution rate to world economic growth has exceeded 30%. Any denigration, suppression or containment on China’s development is doomed to fail. 

China’s development is historically inevitable and unstoppable. As China enters a new stage of development, we are actively implementing the new development philosophy and building the new development dynamic. 

This will provide more development opportunities for countries around the world including Nepal. China’s development is also a contribution to the progress of all mankind. This is a common consensus of the international community and supported and appreciated by the vast majority of countries.

Social media is an important link and bridge for the Chinese Embassy in Nepal to communicate with Nepali people, especially the youth. 

I opened my Twitter account in 2019 to share my work and life in Nepal. In 2020, the Chinese Embassy in Nepal opened a Facebook page to introduce the latest progress in bilateral relations and practical cooperation between China and Nepal, as well as China’s domestic development achievements, the ambassador added.

Both the Embassy and myself will continue to use social media platforms to interact with media friends and netizens, enhance mutual understanding and trust, and promote cultural mutual learning and people-to-people bonds, she concluded.