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Oct 11, 2021

1000 Nepali auxiliary workers tighten belt to fly to Israel

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700 Female, 300 Male caregivers selected for jobs in Israel

Finally, after almost a year-long process 1,000 Nepali auxiliary workers (caregivers) are set to fly to Israel.

Today amidst a special function held in Jerusalem of Israel with live telecast 1000 workers were selected through a machinery process from the final list of 1,600 candidates recommended by the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) of Nepal Government to the Population and Immigration Authority of Israel (PIBA).

The selection was done through a one-shot hit with the presence of officials from various offices of Israeli government.

To watch the live telecast of the selection event, a small gathering with handful numbers of Nepal government officials and media persons was organized at the residence of Israeli Ambassador to Nepal in Kathmandu.

Ambassador of Israel to Nepal Hannan Goder

Speaking at the live broadcasted function, the Ambassador of Israel to Nepal Hannan Goder has said that “with the yearlong hard work process finally it arrives at the marvelous stage.

“Not only the hard work done during the daytime but also carried out working loads avoiding sleepless nights by the civil servant friends of the Department of Foreign Employment of Nepal Government are really amazing and appreciable.”

The tireless work with transparency and professionalism of the Nepali officials of the DoFE has open the gateway for the Nepali caregiving workers which has no doubt added a golden-page in the history of over six-decades long Nepal-Israel diplomatic ties.

Likewise, at the same event, Ambassador of Nepal to Israel Ms. Dr. Anjan Shakya thanked all the concerned officers and other staff from Nepal and Israel for making this event a success with fair, competitive, transparency with professionalism.

“I hope with these selected auxiliary workers (caregivers) the new chapter will begin in the history of Nepal and Israel as elderly Israelis are happily awaiting with keen to welcome those caregivers,” she added.

Ambassador of Nepal to Israel Ms. Dr. Anjan Shakya

Chief of the Middle East Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Harischandra Ghimire lauded the completed process without having any questions.

As per the information provided by the Israeli Ambassador, there were nearly 9,700 applicants. After the official processes including interviews the DoFE has selected 1,600 candidates among those.

And today, 1,000 names were selected on the lottery basis at a function organized at Jerusalem of Israel.

The selection is based on Israeli demand of 700 females and 300 male caregivers who now have tightened their belts flying to Israel almost a month later, said the Israeli envoy.

As the hiring process is based on a government-to-government level, the Director General of the Labour Department Deepak Kafle informed that the selected candidates have to pay just 165,000 Nepali rupees for all the processes including passport, medical checkups, one-way fare of airline ticket etc.

According to the sources, the Government of Israel is to pay the salary on a weekly basis for the selected worker(s) which comes to around 5,300 New Israeli Sheqel (NIS) that is equivalent to NRs 193,000.

File Photo: The Labour Pact between Nepal and Israel was signed by Nepali Ambassador to Israel Dr. Anjan Shakya and the then Foreign Affairs Minister of Israel E. Gabi Ashkenazi in Israel.

With this announcement, Nepali aspiring workers have received job offers in Israel after a long wait.

File Photo: Caregiver taking care of an elderly Israeli. todayonline

It may be noted that the Governments of Israel and Nepal had inked a Memorandum of Understanding on labour pact signed by Nepali Ambassador to Israel Ms. Dr. Anjan Shakya and the then Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel E. Gabi Ashkenazi on September 30, 2020 in Israel. As per the agreement, Israel had agreed to hire Nepali workers.

Downtown Tel Aviv one of the best cities in the world is ranked higher on the list than cities like Milan and Tokyo. (Photo: The World in HDR / Shutterstocks

According to the information, there will be an employment agreement between the individuals selected by the PIBA and the employer. The contract period for selected workers will be of one year and it could be extended up to five years. However, the worker will be provided accommodation by the employer but has to manage food on their own.

It is also learnt that, besides the DoFE officials’ tireless involvement in the selection process of the auxiliary workers to be sent to Israel, the envoy of Israel to Nepal Hanan Goder was himself directly or indirectly supervised in almost all the processes.